[140905] Yesung at Mouse Rabbit Fan Account
  • Yesung is wearing sunglasses, black T-shirt, black pants, black and green scarf, brown shoes. His mood is very goof today. When passing by fan, he spoke to her in Chinese, “How are you?”
    He purposely spoke in a really deep voice. Fan said the voice is really deep and after hearing it, it seems like an electric shock can be felt from the ear to the whole body. 
  • Yesung put on his sunglasses, took his bag with him, and also took his handphone and earphones with him, looking like he’s going to leave. Fan said goodbye to him. Then he said, “I’m not going off. I’m just going to the toilet.” 
    Then he took the MP3 and went into the toilet. When he came out, he put on his earphones and went into the kitchen. 

    He’s now taking orders. Fan told him that he’s very handsome. He told her not to lie. 

Original Credit: China In Yesung (Weibo)
via : @autumnwalk0824 

  • The fried chicken restaurant opposite Mobit was playing Mamacita, Kim Jongwoon started! singing! along! to! it! He sang the “hey Mamacita ayayayaya” part and also hummed along towards the end! I asked him, “do you like Mamacita?” He said jokingly, “no I don’t, because it doesn’t have my voice.” Today he was at the outdoor area a lot, playing on his phone, and he had a lot of his friends coming in.
  • 【CY独家】140905 金钟云在MR。前线:小比比。MR对面的炸鸡店放了MAMACITA,金!钟!云!跟!着!唱!Hey MAMACITA naega ayayayaya!!!后面的部分也有跟着哼歌!前线问他“喜欢MAMACITA吗?” 他开玩笑似地说“不喜欢,因为没有我的声音。” 今天他一直在阳台玩手机,有很多朋友来了。

[cr: China in Yesung
English translation by @ryeonggu]