140729 gunheenim: Let’s go on a vacation~ #WhereDidYouGetYourCarrierFrom

kimheenim (commented): I received it as a present. Why? You crazy bastard

(**the pink luggage was a present from the chinese fanbase only-heechul.com)

140730 gunheenim: It’s alright as long as I look good ^_^ #TakingAPicButWhatWasHeDoingNextToMeBeingClueless 

kimheenim (commented): It’s in the middle of the night but he was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Crazy dude


131105 Starnews Interview with Heechul

  • Q. What is Super Junior members to you?
  • Heechul: I no longer need to talk about 'the reason', because they are that natural for me now. After 3, 4 years, you could say they are like family. Now that it's been almost 10 years, there is nothing to say. Even now, we sometimes fight with each other. Fans would know when Super Junior members are fighting, because the mood is shown through broadcast or concerts. But that is why I like this team even more. We're not a team that fight backstage then pretend to be friends on stage; we're an honest team. We will continue to have fights, but I am happy to have members to fight with.
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